Allies & Partner’s Global Consumer Market is deeply committed to providing a steady pipeline of the right people to lead your company now and in the future. Whether you’re challenged with a restructuring, attracting and keeping your best people, motivating and incentivizing your sales force, or expanding into a new market, we offer a full range of talent solutions that can be tailored to address your specific needs.
Today’s consumer companies need people who drive top-line growth and innovation across markets, channels, products, and customers, while managing tight bottom-line fundamentals. We are particularly skilled at creating performance cultures that inspire employees at all levels, and at helping global companies be more effective local players as they expand into the worlds’ growth markets. In a changing world, human capital is your strongest asset.

Financial Services

Banking & Financial services is a strategic vertical and area of major focus in Allies & Partners. With strong domain experience across varied functionalities and processes, Allies & Partners brings to you the advanced ability to leverage your know-how via improved resource management methodologies.

We offer a spectrum of services across the following industry segments

Business & Professional Services

As the market environment continually shifts, businesses find an increasing need to make fundamental changes to their strategies in order to continue growing profitably. Both emerging and mature businesses will inevitably reach a point where simply hiring more people is no longer sufficient to maintain growth. Eventually, every business will need to examine where to allocate internal resources to effectively manage operation transformation while simultaneously outsourcing some processes to those who may be able to more efficiently perform certain tasks. We help companies in this space grow their customer bases, improve their operations, and expand to new markets. We support all internal functions of a company within the professional services industry and offer you sound perspective and practical solutions that optimize your value chain. Allies & Partners will source and deliver the best talent for your business. We have the resources readily available to connect job seekers and employers within legal firms, IT consulting firms, and other professional and business services organizations.

Health Care

Healthcare organizations face the constant need to orient their business model to a patient-centric system that fits in with the regulatory requirements. Healthcare is one of the largest strategic verticals and is of major focus in Allies & Partners.With a skilled work force and domain specific expertise we you spectrum of services in the following industry segments:


Technology is evolutionary – it changes and gets better as time passes on. With the growth of the IT and ITES sector, we see that new technology provides way to new skill sets and that means employment for talented and skilled labor. Our client-centric business model and deep domain experience in varied industry verticals helps us to craft tailor-made solutions for multi-national IT product and services companies to achieve operational excellence. Allies & Partners provides outstanding IT resources and technologists to help our technology clients meet their needs at competitive prices across a variety of functional areas such as


Application Development

Infrastructure Management


Enterprise Resource Planning

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